Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male, neutered

Akita/American Eskimo/Husky


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)

Dependant - she prefers to be the only dog

Varies with the cat



Marlo update : This handsome boy is still looking for his forever home. He needs a quiet home with a fenced yard. Marlo is very cautious with new people and needs to meet them on his own terms - hence why he needs a fence. He also prefers to not share his home with kids nor other dogs. A fenced yard also allows Marlo to enjoy the outdoors when he wants and to have his own space. Marlo does live in a foster home with cats and he needs slow introductions to them.

Marlo is a good boy that requires an owner that can manage when and how others meet him. He needs an owner that will be able to manage and voice that he does not want to meet other dogs and should not. He enjoys walks with his foster mom and then going home and relaxing. He also enjoys being able to relax in the yard, as weather permits, unbothered by others.

6/30/19: Marlo was abandoned in the middle of nowhere ND in December 2015. After spending some time at the local shelter and a few months adopted into a home that wasn't a good fit for him, he went into a foster home with Prairie Paws Rescue. Since he's fostered by one of Journey Home Animal Rescue's founders, he's now available through Journey Home. He loves walks and needs daily exercise. He loves his people but can be unsure of new people. So a dog savvy owner is a must. He lives with 2 dog savvy cats but would prefer all the attention. He is house trained and kennels up easily. Marlo would do best in a quiet home without a lot of people coming and going.

After years of thinking Marlo was a Shiba Inu mix, he was DNA tested and is actually Akita/American Eskimo with a little bit of Husky. Marlo would appreciate a nice quiet home with a fenced yard where he can be the only pet.

Marlo would appreciate a nice quiet home with a fenced yard where he can be the only pet.