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Domestic Shorthair

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Mareesha is a name that means traveler, and this kitten is one of the luckiest you’ll ever meet! She was found on a highway in the dead of winter with below zero wind chills, hunkered down and trying to withstand the blowing snow. As soon as I stopped to pick her up, she came running into my arms and snuggled with my friend the rest of the ride home. Once we got her home, she was very hungry and thirsty and a little beat up, but otherwise she was okay! Given her injuries and that she smelled like fuel, we believe she had crawled up inside a vehicle, and fell out on the highway. As her foster parents have gotten to know her these last few weeks, she is a feisty, playful, snuggly little sweetheart. She loves to play with her foster brothers and sisters, and she has the silkiest, softest, puffiest fur. Mareesha would love to retire from her travels and become your forever companion!

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