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Weight (lbs):


Female, spayed

German Shepherd Mix


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Updated write up:
Maddie is now at a whopping 15 lbs and her tail healed up really good. She’s got turbo speed, but if you wear her out, she’s all about kisses and belly rubs. We haven’t had any accidents lately but she’s been in the crate a little more since she’s recuperating from getting spayed. Overall a happy, energetic puppy!!

Initial write up:
Maddie is such a sweet little girl who has Journey Home and their volunteers to thank for saving her life!

She was found as a stray pup and no owner came forward to claim her. When she arrived into rescue, we quickly noticed she had suffered trauma to her tail and we brought her to the vet.

Maddie’s tail had been banded inappropriately and the band was embedded into the base of her body causing infection and pain. She is now being treated and is expected to heal well.

Luckily for Maddie, she can now focus on being all puppy and loving life!