Lulu Mae

Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female, spayed

German Shepherd mix


Dog Friendly:

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(plus tax)




Hello. I am likely a German Shepherd/Husky mix and I resemble both breeds to the fullest. Much like a Shepherd, when I know I'm yours, I will be your shadow. I will be loyal and beside you, every step. Like a Husky, when I am left alone I am best in an escape proof kennel; I don't like being away from you but I am working on learning you will come back for me. Also like a Husky, I can be finicky in eating and can be stealthy quiet when walking around the house. However, if I need to protest something, I can and will.

I am a beautiful girl, learning to be a pampered and loved pal. I was found as a stray when I came crawling into someone's garage in the countryside. So, for now, I shy away from new people as that is what I thought I had to do prior to rescue.

I currently am with my foster mom for the most part of the day and am learning to be able to relax and find comfort in a home. I am also working on kenneling when foster mom can't be with me and this is going alright. I share the foster home with some other dogs and I want them to like me, even though I was shy at first.