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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male - Neutered

Chihuahua mix

Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

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Meet Louis (lou-ie)!! He has been in his foster home for a couple weeks now. His personality is finally shining through. The first thing we learned about Louis, is the most important thing he'll need in a new home, patience. Louis is a bit nervous and aloof around new people right away, especially males is seems. He is still jumpy with loud noises. However, if you are willing to take things slow, and give Louis the time and patience he needs, you will get the sweetest, goofiest, and MOST snuggliest pup you have ever met. It melted my heart to see his nervousness melt away and he nuzzled in as close as he could. I think he is a medium energy pup. He is still young, so has bursts of energy, but is overall a pretty chill guy. He gets along with our resident dogs. They love to play tug-o-war, and wrestle. He is such a goof. The other day he got excited about a treat and tried to jump so high, he didn't quite stick the landing. He excitedly stomps his feet when he is happy to see you. He sleeps in our room at night, and goes in his kennel during the day when we are at work. He does bark in there right away. He also likes to announce what the neighborhood is up to. I would be cautious of apartment living due to his vocal abilities.

A new home will also need patience with Louis and potty training. He has been good in his kennel, no messes. We're making progress on the going outside part. The challenge with Louis is he does NOT like the cold air in his ears and cold snow on his toes. (who can blame him!?) All the sounds and smells outside can be overwhelming too. He is making progress with this, he now willingly follows the other pups out, but then wants to turn around and go right back in. If we carry him and set him outside he'll usually do his business. We do make frequent trips out, and celebrate with happy pets and treats on successful outings. He will learn outside isn't scary, even if it does have to be cold. It will take consistency, for him to continue to learn. The right family will be ready to offer Louis the love and patience he needs to be happy and successful in their home. You will need to continue to slowly expose Louis to new people and experiences, so his confidence keeps growing. If you are that person, you will not regret the lovable, snuggly, goofy companion you will get in return.

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