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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female - Spayed

Lab mix

Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)




Foster Feedback 5/16/23:
I am enamored with my humans, with the big dogs in my house! I love them so much. I miss them after a long day and give kisses and I try to sit as close to them as I can, usually it's more like I end up sitting on them. I love to be outside with my friends. I am gentle. I do not have an aggressive bone in my body. When I get tired, I go lay down by the door so my foster mom knows I wanna go inside and take a nap. I love naps! I am going to be one of those dogs you have to drag out of your bed in the morning.

I love other dogs, I love cats, and I don't chase them or annoy them.
I would be a great, loyal, family dog. I enjoy my big family that I currently have, but I think I would also really thrive just being the only dog, and being your baby!

I will work for treats! My foster mom taught me to sit in no time at all with my favorite training treats.
Just make sure I have bones so I don't chew up toilet paper or paper towels or anything like that.
Truly, I am so sweet, and happy-go-lucky. I can't think of a situation where I would do bad in. I love kids, people, big dogs, (I really do get very excited when the big dogs get to play with me!) Little dogs, kittens and adult cats. I would also love to be your only cuddle bug and baby.

Foster Feedback:
I’m introverted. I can be alone and be content, I can be cuddled and content. I’m not much for thrill seeking and adventure- I’m more of a good book and yea type girl. I will go on long walks if my fosters insist. But I prefer to get home and get in my bed ASAP. I’m gentle and cautious and slow going. I’m going to test the water before I jump in.
I am working on potty training. I will chew on some plastic or paper if it’s left within my reach but I’m sure I’ll think that is less cool as I get older. Seriously the way to my heart is to let me cuddle in my bed and leave me to my dreams and peace and quiet haha .
I enjoy long naps!

I will be able to go to my adoptive home after approx 5/7/23

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