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XL Mix


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Hello! I am The Legend!

Foster mom just took me home so she said she'll have to get back to ya'll when we get to know each other better. But for now, I have a few things I'd like to share.

One thing that everyone knows about me that's met me is I'm so smart! All I want is to learn new things and be a good boy so you can give me treats.

Also, toys. TOYS! Balls! All the balls! I've been told I'm quite adorable when I'm playing with toys and balls. It's SO fun! I love to play off all my puppy energy!

I'm a gentleman on a leash and ridiculously good looking. I'm looking for someone that likes smart, playful, ridiculously good looking dogs. Is that you?

Check back soon after I get to spend more time with my new foster momma. She said she'll help me write more details to share.


The Legend

A note from his foster: Only a few days in and Legend is proving to be quite the boy! He's great at walking with the the small resident dog and sleeps in his kennel without making a peep. He proved to be the most well behaved boy in our visit to Scheels and was so sweet and gentle with the children he met. He doesn't like to miss out on the action so sometimes I'll catch him falling asleep sitting up :-) Legend is going to most likely turn out to be the most LEGENDARY dog! More details to come!

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