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Male - Neutered

Pitbull Terrier Mix


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Lander - I call him Lander, Landers or Ned Flanders

I am so pleased with Lander as my first foster, he is a playful happy dog with a lot of energy and a great personality. He seems friendly with every human and animal and absolutely loves just being part of a routine and wants to please his owner/family. He has truly been my shadow since I started to foster him and hangs out wherever we are or wherever we go.

Despite his energy level he does love to just relax on the couch and will melt in your lap. If I walk to the couch to sit, he follows me step for step, and either takes my spot where I was planning to sit, or he sits right next to me as I sit down, and falls into my lap. He has the energy but loves to cuddle and chill. What makes me so pleased in fostering him is that the main things we are working on with him are “puppy-energy” related, he has no issues with aggression with other dogs, not listening, being destructive etc. Truly a wonderful dog that is always happy and always wants to play.

The main things I have been working with Lander:

-Boundaries. This is a command I have been teaching him lol. Lander likes to instantly jump up on people/animals as he meets them. This is obviously normal for a lot of dogs that are his age and have that energy but I have noticed HUGE improvements in the short time he has spent here. He just loves people and
animals so this is normal, but he has definitely improved in this category in the last few days.

-Chasing our cat. This is also something he has improved immensely at because again, just like any dog his age, he is very curious about the cat, but not aggressive at all. He can get close now and they are just fine, he just likes to give sniffs and the cat doesn’t mind any more. He does need to learn that not every cat will be as
nice as ours though lol.

-Some other simple things that would be expected with a puppy of his age/energy level, such as always wanting to play (even during cuddle time), some minor leash etiquette even though he does great on walks. He doesn’t pull at all and focuses more on his human than he does his surroundings.

Crate training has being going phenomenally as he pretty much passes out right after we get him in his kennel. We also have noticed he doesn’t seem “destructive” at all if left alone (We haven’t left him alone for longer periods, but if I step outside for a short time to go to the garage, mow the yard etc) he does great. Same thing if he is outside, he will kindly wait at the door. Might bark once or twice here or there, but for the most part when he is done outside, he just comes back to the door and sits for his humans. Such a good boy.

We dog-watched a friend’s dog and they did great together. Lander did want to jump on him and play right away, so we crated him for an hour or so, then they became best friends and played whole weekend. So he seems playful with any dog.

I already love this dog and I am certain whoever adopts him will be super pleased, I can’t stress this enough. He has the energy level of a pup but he honestly has a bigger heart and it shows every day. If he wasn’t my first foster I would honestly have no hesitation in adopting him, such a wonderful dog.

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