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Female - spayed



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We are looking for a very special home for Kaycee to live out the rest of her days. Her adoption fee is waived. She needs a quiet home with an experienced cat owner who will know when it's time to let her go. But until then, she wants lots of pets and love. She needs to eat Royal Canin renal food. She only likes the dry, but she eats it well.

Kaycee loves sunbathing and hanging out in her cat bed all day. She is a lovable little lady and is quietly vocal if she feels you’re not loving on her enough. She doesn’t see as well as she used to and gets frightened by loud or sudden noises. If you call out to her or sit down next to her she is an absolute love-bug. She will be the first one to greet you in the morning when you go to feed her and will make you biscuits (happy pawing!) and purr while you hold her. Kaycee is a sweet ol’ lady (15 yrs!) and wants to cuddle up with you and get all the good pets and the soft brushing. In all fairness, Kaycee wants to be a spoiled ol’ lady and live her life as a pampered house cat with tons of love and pets from her new owner(s)! She would do great in a smaller, quiet home where she can explore on her own terms and has her own space to hang out and feel secure. She would do better with another cat in the home, but is not a requirement! She is completely housebroke and does not have any accidents outside the litter box.

Kaycee requires Royal Canin renal food