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Weight (lbs):


Male - neutered

Mixed (large)

Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

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Foster Feedback 5/19/23
I am Jelly and chasing and running with my siblings is my favorite thing to do. I like meeting other dogs and love to play with kids. I love to chase cats but Mom is always scolding me about that. I am fluffy, soft and cuddly and want to be in your lap. Potty training is hard, and sometimes I ignore mom when she calls me, but I'm much better with treats.


My name is Jelly, my brother and I came to live with my fosters on March 15. I graduated from the bottle to the bowl, and I love to eat. I eat with my brother and he is very messy, sometimes his feet end up in the food. I like to play and try to run and fall down a lot. I bug my brother to play but he likes to sleep. I am a very smart pup - the smartest.

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