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Weight (lbs):


Female, spayed

Malamute Mix


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

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Where to start Grey is a wonderful puppy, she is dog friendly, so sweet with kids even her foster family's 14 month old, doesn't mind the cat. She kennels great couple nights she whined about but after that not a peep until morning. She is working on commands and not to jump when she's excited to see you. She just loves so much. She loves her people and is velcro to you, washing dishes I'll lay next to you, watching a movie I'll lay at your feet. Grey is very gentle at accepting treats and never showed aggression or jumped on the younger kids. She is easily corrected but tends to be a toy hog and if her foster sister is playing with her toy she growls alittle or just gently takes it away from her. For a husky mix I thought she would be more vocal she 'talks' to you when she is let out the kennel or when she is happy to see you. We are still working on her bathroom routine she's had some pee accidents in the beginning but much better now. For a puppy she is very well behaved but she is still a puppy and has some energy she likes to burn which she does outside and inside she is calm. She's a great puppy and will make a great dog to a lucky family.