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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):



Domestic Shorthair


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

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Top 10 Reasons to adopt GRANDMA

10. She has the best traits of a Grandma, plus some extra

9. She is a BOSS. She will soon rule your household, but in a sweet Grandma way.

8. Like many Grandma’s - she is quite patient and gentle with those she loves.

7. You will get to say funny things like “Grandma! Why are you licking my toes?!” OR “Grandma what were you doing prowling round my bed at 3am?”

6. She is the ONLY Grandma in town that will catch mice for your dinner.

5. You can use her as an excuse: “I can’t make it to work today, I am taking care of Grandma” OR “I had go home and feed Grandma”.

4. She loves to entertain; she will hide behind doors and then jump out to surprise you.

3. Her beauty is unsurpassed.

2. She likes to be worn like a scarf- lounging around your shoulders.

1. She will fall asleep snuggling with you and keep you warm all night.

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