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Female - spayed

German Shorthair Pointer


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Jan 2022 : Hello! My name is Gail! If you’re looking for a napping companion, then look no further. I love naps in the sun, on the couch, on the floor, in my kennel, you name it and I’ll make it my bed. I also love to stand on the end of the deck and smell the fresh air and watch the birds. My hearing is fading, so I do appreciate when my foster mom taps me gently to wake me up so I don’t startle. I also appreciate when she comes over to me when she needs me, as I sometimes can’t hear her calling for me. I will let you know when I need to go outside by waiting by the door. I sleep on a dog bed in my foster moms room through the night, and I sleep in my kennel while she’s at work. She comes home and lets me out on lunch breaks so I can go potty. An ideal home for me would be quiet, and someone who is patient with me as I settle in. I am the sweetest old lady, and can’t wait to explore new napping spots in a forever home!

May 2022 : Gail came to us through a ND pound, where she had been sitting for weeks as her owner was incarcerated. She was finally released and we were able to secure a foster home for her. Gail was not in the best of shape, large masses on her body that needed to be removed and a severe urge to always need water. Gail was diagnosed with Cushings and had the masses removed as they were hindering her range of motion in her shoulder. Several months went by, and Gail was recovering well. Now, Gail's mind is failing and we believe she has Canine Cognitive Disorder. Gail paces a lot and forgets to lie down, so she needs to be reminded and helped to lie down. We have noticed she will more easily get lost inside and outside, so a home where someone is with her or can bring her to work is best. Gail enjoys car rides and even though she doesn't always acknowledge people around her, she likes to be in the presence of people. Gail’s life may be shorter then we wish or it may not be, however, we are committed to giving the best to Gail and ensuring she has a quality of life.

May 2022 Sweet Gail's age is catching up to her. She is suspected to have Canine Cognitive Disorder.

Jan 2022 Gail had masses removed and has recovered well. Gail has Cushings disease and will require lifelong medication and monitoring.