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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Female, spayed

Lab mix

Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)




Foster Feedback 5/16/23
I am going to be the classic dog. When you think of Lassie, or some other famous dog...I'm gonna be just like them some day. I love doing dog things. I love running and long walks, I love exploring in the woods. I love wrestling and I love hanging out with the big dogs. It took some time but they love me now too! I am working on not jumping on them and their faces because I've been told they don't appreciate that. I only need to be told once and then I remember "oh yeah, that's bad manners". Otherwise, I am honestly perfect. I will be your running buddy, or your adventure friend, or on days when you're busy or tired, I will be the best cuddle puddle partner you could wish for.

I am great with kids, with people, with big dogs, and small dogs. I am good with cats, I don't annoy them or try to chase them. I don't bug the kittens.

I am happiest with a bone, laying in the yard. I like to watch my human do her chores and chew on a bone in the sunshine. I dont bark unless there is something super urgent I need to say. But I'm a woman of few words. Did I mention I like bones and playing outside? I'm a simple gal.
I am incredibly loyal and sweet. I have never been aggressive to any farm animal, or any human.

I am easily trainable with my favorite training treats. I can sit! I can walk on a leash and will never get too far away from my humans. I think I could be the most perfect family dog. Especially if you've got a big yard for me because I am happiest when I can be outside with you and then inside by your bed at night. I could do almost anything, would you like to meet me?!

Foster Feedback
I’m the perfect blend of my sisters. I’m definitely the middle child. I can be adventurous with Betsey or I can sleep all day like Lizzie. I really like my people, and I’m a little more interested in people pleasing then my sisters. I come running when I hear foster mom telling us it’s time to come in. I am curious enough about smells on foster family fingers that I’m in afraid to chew them with excitement. I am kind and smart and I’m an excellent listener. I do enjoy being part of the pack so if I have another dog I can bong with along with people that would make for such an easy adjustment for me!
I’m working on potty training and I’m doing great. I could potentially be treat motivated! So that would be a great way to reward me plus taking me for walks with my new pack.
I will shred paper or plastic so we don’t do pee pads at foster moms house. I don’t chew my bed though! I like to chew bones. I like to play. I’m sweet and sassy and I know you’d love me (not to brag)

I will be able to go to my adoptive home after approx 4/12/23

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