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Domestic Shorthair


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Hi, I'm Eggnog and I'm a ginger cat that has many talents. I can talk to you without having to squeak out a meow. My thick, fluffy tail is reminiscent of a red racoon and has perfectly defined stripes. I will sway it from side to side when I am content and this eliminates the need for me to tell you how I feel. I will also use my nose to show you when I'm happy. Eskimo kisses are my favorite. I take advantage of the time I am close to your face to run my face along the side of your face. I will do this repeatedly and make no promises to whether or not you will be left with a trail of slobber. My front paws are quite skilled, so much so that I could be a masseuse if I were of the 2 legged variety. I will knead you with unwavering concentration and precision that will leave you feeling peaceful and tranquil. Lastly, I am an accomplished hockey player. I am able to dribble a bell ball with my paws and send it underneath the door into the next room. This is a short lived celebration however since I find myself without my ball afterwards. If you would like to astonish your friends and family with a roommate of amazing abilities, I would consider your venue to share my artistry.

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