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Estimated Date of Birth:



Weight (lbs):


Male - neutered

Domestic Shorthair


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

Adoption Fee:

(plus tax)

Only with laid back small dogs. No big or busy dogs.




Hello there, I’m Dutch and I thought I would give you my own description of my purrsonality, I know you’ve heard a lot from my foster humans but nobody can really explain me! I am very gentleman like in the way I sit and act but I can also be playful! I’m a tough guy but also a baby. The humans decided to get me a kitten to take care of and teach how to be a gentleman. I would prefer the dog leave me alone but I can tolerate her (she doesn’t realize I’m the boss). I like when the humans are at their desk so I can head-butt them and show them how much I would appreciate it if they let me on the table! I sit on the windowsill and ask the humans for food but they don’t want to share! All in all I like it here but I can’t wait for my forever home so I can show someone else how polite I can be!

Update: We have had Dutch SEVEN months now and his personality is still changing and coming out. His most recent change was a big one when we rescued a kitten! He treats the kitten kind of like a son grooming him, teaching him how to wrestle, and “protecting” him from the big, scary (gentle, nice) dog. His demeanor has gotten much gentler now that he can play with the kitten instead of our toes! The kitten has taught him a few naughty things but he has taught the kitten many good things! I think Dutch would do really well in a home with a kitten but he might not do as well with a full grow cat as he can be a bit feisty and territorial towards our other adult foster cat. Even with his FIV he acts like a happy healthy cat and that’s what he is! Dutch is interesting and quirky but he is also a mellow cat who just wants love!

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