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Male, neutered

Mixed Breed (Small/Med)


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Hi! I’m Drekker!
I was found just outside of town & came to rescue just skin & bones! I am a happy boy who is eager to please! I know how to sit & shake and listen very well! For example, I live with 3 other dogs and when I try to eat their food, a simple, firm “Drekker no”, stops me & I will come to you for pets and redirection! I can be a protective when other dogs try to eat my food while I’m eating - so I need to be fed in a crate. I don’t have much interest in toys yet, but I love to be pet and talked to. I’ll show you I’m listening and tilt my goofy head from side to side.
I am young and I sometimes have accidents, but I am so close to being potty trained. Understand that it took my body a while to adjust to food before I was able to learn my new homes routines, and how to let them know I need to go outside. Please be patient with me and be prepared to help me learn routines while I adjust in a new home.
I kennel at night just fine, if I can be near my people while I sleep. If not, i feel very unsafe and will pee in my kennel, and tear whatever is with me to pieces. Please have my kennel in your bedroom at night, or let me sleep by you and I will be a good boy at night. I am cat and dog friendly and would make an excellent addition to any home!