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Meet Choco. This beautiful boy would rather sprawl out in the grass and stare lovingly into your eyes than play tug-of-war or bark at squirrels. He is shy at first, but he warms up quickly once he realizes that you are there to love and take care of him. He is a world-class cuddler with super soft fur, but watch out for those surprise kisses!

He is hesitant with new stairs and doorways, but he becomes quite the explorer once he begins to feel at home. He loves to follow his foster sister around the house, and he is curious about everything, even the vacuum cleaner that unnerves his foster siblings. He is fascinated with the cats and makes a cute, inquisitive face when he watches them. He will give them a gentle sniff if they allow it, but he doesn’t chase them and will quietly back away when the crabby one hisses.

Choco loves to chase tennis balls and will even bring them back to his foster mom sometimes. He also loves to drag around rope toys and chew on the ends of them like they are spaghetti. He is great at sharing with his foster sister and is patient when she steals his toys; he just finds a new one. No worries! They are all fun.

He LOVES to chew and must be watched to make sure he doesn’t swallow anything that isn’t good for him. He is learning what is and isn’t food and what is and isn’t a toy, but he listens and doesn’t get upset if you take something away. It’s so hard to tell what you’re supposed to chew on when everything in the world is so yummy!

He is working on potty training and gets a treat whenever he goes potty outside or on a puppy training pad. He will bark at first when he goes to his kennel for the night, but he calms down and goes to sleep after a while. His forever family will need to be patient and willing to train him, but he is worth it. Choco is a sweet, gentle puppy with so much love to give!

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