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Candy Corn

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Weight (lbs):



Domestic Longhair


Dog Friendly:

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Don’t let Candy Corn’s majestic, lion like appearance fool you. He may have a golden mane, huge paws, and eyes that look like they belong to a fire-breathing dragon, but he’s a big, cuddly baby.

He takes a few days to warm up to new people, but he’s well worth the wait. Once he realizes that he's safe and loved, he transforms into the friendliest, most affectionate cat you’ll ever meet. He gets so excited for pets that his tail starts vibrating! It makes his foster mom laugh because it looks like he’s about to start dancing. Then, when he starts making biscuits, he does the Candy Corn Cha-cha.

Humans are too slow with their pets, so he’ll rub his fur back and forth across their legs and headbutt their arms until they realize what they are supposed to be doing. Sometimes humans also forget that they have two hands, but Candy Corn is happy to give them a head nuzzle to remind them to use both.

He’d do well with another cat or as an only cat, but Candy Corn wants a home without dogs. He does get nippy when he’s scared, annoyed, or overly excited, so he’d do best in a home with adults only, or in a family with older children who understand that they need to be calm around him.

Candy Corn would love to have a home where he’d be allowed in bed where he can melt into liquid fur and pour himself back and forth across his human. He also likes to spend time alone or with his sister Booberry, napping in quiet hiding spots. He has the perfect balance of affection and independence, making him an easy but fun and loving companion.

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