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Male - neutered

Mixed (Large)

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Bronx is the name and all things puppy is my game! I really love my humans, especially my mom. I get so excited when she comes home that I have to “talk” to let her know I missed her and I can’t wait for pets and kisses.

I have to say, one of the coolest parts of being in a foster home is having a human foster sister AND a resident dog and cat to play with. Since I’m growing pretty fast, I’m now bigger than the cat so she doesn’t really wrestle with me anymore. That was fun while it lasted. The resident dog has really taught me a lot! She taught me that it is best to potty outside, playing chase is fun, and tug of war is truly the best sport around. Wrestling is still a fun alternative when a rope toy isn’t handy. Sometimes she taps me on the back when I have the wiggles and can’t quite sit to get my treat. She is so smart and helpful! I really have begun to master sit with her help! I’m also learning to lay and shake!

I have to say that I have become a very polite roommate. I don’t go potty in my kennel, and I sleep quietly at night once all the humans are asleep. Sometimes if I hear them awake in the bedroom, I will cry a little while to see if they may come get me for one last snuggle. But, I understand they are tired, so once they are quiet, I go to sleep. If I didn’t take every opportunity to potty before bed, sometimes I let them know I need one more chance so I can sleep soundly.

I know there is so much more to discover now that I have humans taking care of me. I would love to meet my forever family who will help me discover all kinds of fun things! I guarantee I will be the best decision you ever made!

Dakota is my mom

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