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Ragdoll mix


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Do you see those big, glowing eyes staring at us from the closet? Is that blanket moving on its own? This room is definitely haunted by... BOO!

Shhhhh… She doesn't like loud noises.

What I was going to say, in a whisper, is that this room is haunted by Booberry, the sweetest snuggle monster you will ever meet.

Booberry seems shy at first because she likes to nap in dark, small spaces, but she is not hiding from you. Give her head a gentle scratch, and you’ll find she’s a glutton for attention. Her favorite thing is to snuggle up under a pile of blankets, so she would love a home where she is allowed to sleep with her human. She’s also up for cuddling with you while you read or watch TV.

Booberry will reward you for your pets and blanket sharing with head nuzzles and endless purrs. If you’re lucky, she might even give you one of her famous massages by making biscuits on you. Her foster mom says she makes the cutest biscuits because her little, white toes look like mini marshmallows. She is a sweet, calm, gentle soul who almost never seems to get annoyed. She’ll even let you pet her belly!

Although she is great with people and other cats, she wants to live in a quieter home with no dogs. She is much more interested in snuggles than playing, but she is very patient with her kitten foster sisters and loves to cuddle and groom her brother Candy Corn. She would also be content as an only cat.

If you want a companion for quiet, cozy winter snuggles, Booberry is your girl. She is so sweet, so easy to please, and one of the most loving friends you could ever have.

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