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Weight (lbs):


Male - Neutered

Great Pyrenees


Dog Friendly:

Cat Friendly:

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Looking for a gentle giant...look no further than me!!!

Hi! I'm Atlas, an awesome Great Pyrenees. I just got into my foster family's house and "mom" told me to make myself at home. So, I did just that!!!

There are 3 younger kids that I get to hang out with. They will pet me when I come up to them and I think it's pretty cool. There is also another dog and he and I like to play.

"Mom" and I went for a walk the other day and she said I was a very good boy on the leash. Also, that I was silly jumping in the snow trying to eat it.

There are some cats, but we don't really hang out. We see each other in passing and I watch them but that's all.
Fun fact...after about 10 minutes of play or a walk, I'm ready for a nap and some snuggle time. Who doesn't love a NAP!!!

A couple notes:
-I have a lot of fluff, so I am the best snuggler, but do require a bit of brushing (I do enjoy it though.)
-I do take up some extra space on the couch, but I only come up when asked
-I don't talk much, but sometimes the doorbell gets me excited and I have to let you know, but I'll stop if you ask me to.

I would love to find my fur-ever home!

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